Schedule for building the visitors' centre

The schedule for the construction and layout of the visitors' centre is now fixed. The archaeology takes place during the month of June. The building starts September 2011. Hardly a year later, in September 2012, the centre opens its doors to the public.

The exhibition is focusing on the unique story line of the site itself. The history of the casualty clearing stations is one part of this plot. The other part shows us Lijssenthoek as a daily reflection of the war in Ypres Salient. For each day of the year a different story will be provided. This gives the visitor a good reason to go to Lijssenthoek, purely because of that daily changing plot.

A touch table will offer the option to search the database or to look for that one grave you want to visit. The opening of the visitors' centre does not mean that the research is completed. We still want you to help us with information on victims buried in Lijssenthoek. Therefore you will be able to register your interest/information immediately, through the touch table.